Over the last few weeks the studio has been buzzing as the entire team at Visual Obsession is busy developing marketing material for Unity 2012 in the lead up to the 2012 Cairns local elections for the Cairns Regional Council area. Once the state elections are over, you will begin to see increased interest over who will be the next Cairns Mayor.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world but are unsure where to go, what to see or even where to start?  Wish you could have your very own personal travel guide that is in-expensive, experienced and friendly?  Well check out the new Travel Experience website Visual Obsession has just designed and developed!

What a fantastic concept! Travel Experience is a locally owned travel agent, based in Mareeba and Atherton, specialising in group tours and holiday packages all over the world. Travel is their passion, and they are keen to share their experiences with you to help you find your way around the world.

The use of the mobile web has exploded over the last couple of years, with 2011 being the first year that Smartphones have outsold PC’s and Smart phone Internet use tipped to surpass that of PC’s in the immediate future. With the iPhone being the dominant Smart phone platform since its release in 2007: the release of platforms such as Google’s Android has launched the mobile web into unprecedented levels of use.


So after extended legal battles, Facebook's Timeline is now here. So what do we need to know?

Business Branding 

First of all, what does this mean for business branding? So far Facebook has neither confirmed nor denied whether brand pages will get a layout similar to Timeline. We can observe however that Facebook is trying hard to tap into the "personal branding" scene, using subscriptions. Time will tell whether this takes off as Facebook has long been seen as a very personal network. So is it time to start personal-branding on Facebook the way we do with LinkedIn? One very important point to consider in that discussion is privacy.

On Thursday YouTube released the biggest design overhaul in its entire 6 year history, in a bid to change the whole way in which people interact and use the website.

Google’s vision for YouTube is that it’ll become a complete media destination, one which will rival Cable Television. The newly designed homepage has become a hub for the viewer's content, with a feed running down the centre of the page featuring channels and videos based on site viewing trends and even what their friends on Facebook and Google+ are watching.


Great News! Our client EcoSplash has done it again! Still pumped about our awards at the annual Queensland Multimedia Awards, one of which was for the EcoSplash logo design, we are happy to announce that an EcoSplash Pool Design has just been awarded it's first international Gold Award of Excellence at the recent APSP Presentation at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas / USA!

We are thrilled for our design and concept to achieve international recognition. Placid Pools as the builder has been awarded a staggering total of 5 Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in the international arena. We are delighted to share the good news with you.  ~ Amanda Spelta, Co-Creator of EcoSplash

What a great night on Saturday. The annual Queensland Multi Media Awards kicked off at 7pm at the Cairns Sebel with a masquerade theme and the flamboyant Queen of Hearts as the MC. The atmosphere was buzzing as the sponsors announced the winners in each category. Out of nine nominations, we won a total of five awards.

Visual Obsession was contracted by Mango Productions to carry out a still and video shoot for Tourism Australia for the New7Wonders of Nature campaign.  The New7Wonders of Nature is a global search to recognise the 7 most wondrous natural sights in the world, as voted by the world community. Visual Obsession contracted WIN News to join them and capture news footage to be aired that night nationally across Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, and ABC.

I recently gave a presentation on Trust Based Marketing at the Austropex Seminar. As a social media marketing agency in Cairns, we have seen social media efforts fail so many times when they are not grounded in a solid marketing strategy or focused on a clear goal. At Visual Obsession we are committed to offering strategies and solutions, not just individual products and services.

Kristy Vallely's blog The Imperfect Mum is about a mother of three sharing her personal experiences: the good and the bad. Kristy, the daughter of Kevin Austin (Director of Visual Obsession) wanted to start a Facebook page and Blog, but had no idea where to start... So she went to her dad with the Imperfect Mum plan. Kevin deployed the Visual Obsession team to design an Online Marketing and Social Media strategy to help get her story out to other mothers. This included utilising a Facebook Page with a custom landing page, designing and optimising her presence on Twitter and designing and developing a versatile blog.

The campaign was an instant success, with the blog attracting over 5,244 page views and the website receiving 2610+ visits in the first 15 days.