We have had quite a few people ask about the little orange RSS icon, so here is a quick overview of RSS feeds and what to do with them.

First of all, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (or Resource Description Framework Site Summary if you want to get technical). Basically, RSS just grabs the latest content from a website without any of the design stuff and presents it in a very simple reading format. Just the content.

The future of Search is changing. And we are pleased to see it. Google launched Google+ on June 28, 2011 with an invite-only beta. Of course there was immediate hype of epic proportions as people beat down the doors trying to get an invite to the latest "social network". Many have been billing this as a "Facebook Killer", or opining that Google is out of it's league, just adding one more option to an already over-crowded marketplace of social networks clamouring for our daily attention. This voice has been fuelled by people who stand to lose a lot from Google's presence.

Visual Obsession aided an Innovative Queensland Government Project that won a $750,000 Cash prize.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Contracted Visual Obsession to develop an online & traditional marketing strategy that would help promote healthy eating habits in the Cassowary Coast region.

Visual Obsession & GhostNets Australia travelled north of Cape York to Erub island, which is one of the many islands in the Torres Strait, to film GhostNet art workshops.

Residents in the majorly affected areas (Tully, Cardwell and Mission Beach) are still in clean-up mode after severe Cyclone Yasi and the recent flooding hit.

Charlie McKillop from ABC Far North is running a 5 day report on the benefits and advantages of the interactive learning package Visual Obsession recently designed and developed in collaboration with QLD Transport and Indigenous Lead Centre, a division of TAFE.

Online Marketing is an essential part of any professional business today. Without a company website your business simply doesn't exist in the world of the internet. The alarming thing is that this can also be true for websites that are poorly constructed and use weak content. It's important to understand that internet users are demanding. They know what they like and dislike. If your website doesn't meet their standards then they will simply find a website that does.