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Best Multimedia DVD Presentation – Training and Educational

Winner | REEFVTS - Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Vessel Traffic Service | 2013
Winner | South Burdekin Water Board | 2006
Winner | Condoman - 3D Animation | 2011
Winner | Granny why don't you smoke? | 2008

Best Website: Medium

Winner | Townsville Port Authority Website | 2006
Finalist | Dundee's Restaurant | 2007
Finalist | Peace Lutheran College | 2009

Bob Hale Award - Best Advertising Campaign Across All Media

Winner | Ergon Energy - Powersavvy | 2011
Winner | Tourism Australia - Vote the Reef | 2012

Best Corporate Program in Film and Television

Winner | IRES - Remote Corporate Services | 2005
Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004

Best Interactive Multimedia Presentation - Corporate Branding

Winner | Townsville Port Authority Interactive DVD | 2005
Winner | Tropical Medical Training

Best Documentary

Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004
Winner | Lockhart River Bush Food | 2008

Best Online Editorial / Blog Post

Winner | | 2009
Winner | Imperfect Mum Website | 2012

Best Website: Small

Finalist | Nicole Rose | 2005
Finalist | Tammy Barker: Website | 2005

Best Online Marketing Campaign

Winner | Tourism Australia - Vote the Reef | 2012
Winner | Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power | 2013

Best Environmental Story

Winner | GhostNets Documentary | 2011

Best Advertising Image / Photograph

Winner | Pacific Toyota | 2008

Best Collection of Images in a Brochure

Winner | Visual Obsession Employee Kyah Rindlisbacher on Seven News Report

Best Logo Design - Not For Profit

Winner | GhostNets Australia Logo | 2011

Best Website: Large

Winner | Harleys Educational Website | 2007

Best Promotion

Winner | Ikin Group

Best Logo Design - Tourism

Winner | Eden Escape

Best Logo Design - Corporate

Winner | Eco Splash Logo | 2011

Best International Media Advertisement

Winner | Aceh & Nias Tsunami Commemoration | 2006


If you are interested in a job or traineeship at Visual Obsession, please see our Careers page.


We use only the highest-quality equipment and resources, including:

Sony High-Definition Digital Widescreen Broadcast Video Cameras (DVCPro 50 & HDW730)

Australian-made 8 Metre Carbon Fibre Camera Crane

Adobe Creative Suite CS6
(Master Collection including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro)


We believe in achieving sustainability on three levels:

Environmental Sustainability
Economic Sustainability
Social / Cultural Sustainability
To this end we have invested in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The shoot was made up of highly complicated dramatic recreation and stylised interviews, all of which were executed by Visual Obsession with professionalism and high production values. We were very impressed with Visual Obsession’s commitment and dedication to all aspects of the production from the initial stages to completion.
Amelia Hanibeltsz
Pangolin Pictures New York
Excellent work, I am very happy with the way the job has turned out.
Lesley Giblin - Public Affairs Officer
Townsville Port Authority
The multimedia outputs and services provided by Visual Obsession were very diverse and included widescreen digital acquisition and editing, 3D animation, graphic FX, music, graphic design for slicks, 35mm still photography, large format printing, supply and installation of AV equipment… We were extremely happy with the final product as their work was of very high quality.
Rob Macalister
Quinkan Regional Cultural Centre
Visual Obsession continually proved their ability to achieve all tasks to the high standard required........We are extremely happy with the outcomes and ongoing responses directly attributed to the media outputs produced by Visual Obsession.
Fiona McGill - Administrator
Tropical Medical Training Townsville

Visual Obsession are Cairns web designersCairns social media agents, specialists in Multimedia Production, offering an extensive range of Traditional and Social Media Services to enable Government, Businesses, and the Community to meet their objectives. We are a family owned business successfully winning many Queensland and Telstra Country Wide Media Awards and are recognised as leaders in multimedia, with a reputation for success spanning over 23 years. Visual Obsession provides a robust infrastructure and remains flexible enough to accommodate the latest social media, hardcopy and electronic developments without sacrifice to the standards built into the culture of our business.

Realtime social media and Google AdWord marketing and advertising is an area which we specialise in to provide analytics, data and reports for our clients to better manage their conversion rates and return on investment. Social Media is the new public relations.

Visual Obsession’s mission is to provide strategic and creative concepts to meet the critical needs of government and business, including Google AdWords, advertising, marketing, educational and corporate training DVD productions, website design and programming, animations, television commercials, documentaries, graphic design and large format printing.

Visual Obsession offer services and solutions with practical experience and understanding of how a mix of traditional and social media with online advertising can benefit businesses and the community to provide economic and social co-existence.

From the development of logo designs through to company branding, we have a commitment to provide full production resources, expertise and real value to achieve customer satisfaction.

Visual Obsession recognises that technology is at the heart of today’s business. Our multimedia studio provides a high quality digital environment enabling the production of original material with exceptional results. With an experienced and creative team, Visual Obsession strive to exceed customer expectations at every level.

We build and maintain organisational excellence by selectively choosing our suppliers and staff and by developing procedures, with a vision to provide the very best for our customers.

Visual Obsession is a member of Family Business Australia.

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