Corporate Promotional Videos

Best Documentary

Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004
Finalist | Invaders - Feral Pig Plague | 2012
Finalist | IRES - Remote Corporate Services | 2005

Best Corporate Program in Film and Television

Winner | IRES - Remote Corporate Services | 2005
Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004

Best Environmental Story

Winner | GhostNets Documentary | 2011
Finalist | South Burdekin Water Board | 2006

Best International Media Advertisement

Finalist | Australian Coffee Growers Association | 2004

Best Editing and Production Technique – Film and Television

Finalist | Laura Legend and Lore | 2006

Best Feature in Film and Television

Finalist | Laura Legend and Lore | 2006

Best Multimedia DVD Presentation – Training and Educational

Winner | South Burdekin Water Board | 2006

Bob Hale Award - Best Advertising Campaign Across All Media

Winner | Ergon Energy - Powersavvy | 2011

Don’t just tell people about your business – show them with a professional promotional DVD, interactive virtual tour or corporate video production.

Our professional Cairns multimedia video production specialists thrive on developing and producing corporate and promotional videos and multimedia DVD education and training resources that really work for clients. Visual Obsession have professionally filmed and edited corporate videos, and promotional DVD’s for clients from a diverse range of industries in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia and PNG. Corporate videos and promotional DVD’s are an effective marketing tool you can use to increase your business sales, enquiries and revenues while showing clients your business – rather than just telling them about it. A professionally shot and edited corporate or promotional video is the perfect partner for trade shows, in-store promotions, and most importantly, websites to increase brand awareness, customer knowledge and reach of your products and/or services.

Visual Obsession was approached by Raptis to put together a production showcasing not only the wide range of wild caught seafood but the whole process from the sea to the plate. A Raptis & Sons owns and operates fishing fleets from Far Northern tropical waters to the freezing depths in the Great Australian Bight. Kevin Austin caught a plane from Cairns, North Queensland, to Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria...
Ergon Energy undertook a major community-based initiative called Powersavvy; in the Torres Strait region to reduce power consumption. Visual Obsession was asked to create a pilot programme & accompaning television commercials, which would influence communities to reduce energy use in commercial business premises, government buildings and homes. Starring Indigenous actor Damon Leftwich, and filmed on location in...
Festival Cairns is an annual event held in September and showcases the region both nationally and internationally. Staged in Far North Queensland, this is Australia's leading regional cultural festivals featuring a strong program of creative, cultural and sporting events across a three-week period. Events Cairns approached Visual Obsession a couple of years ago to film and edit various parts of the festival. Each...
This DVD production is a primary marketing tool for the Australian Coffee Growers Association both nationally and internationally. The production was shot over a 10 month time frame, capturing the planting, flowering, harvesting and processing of coffee. The inclusion of Uluru (Ayers Rock), the twelve apostles on the great ocean road and other iconic shots were used in the introduction to engage the United States...
Visual Obsession composed this video of several different sections, each showcasing a different region Tropical Horizon offered tours for. Each of these sections ranged from 30 seconds to two minutes – the timeframe varied. The video concluded with reinforcement of key images from Visual Obsession file footage and images acquired during the course of the production. The final scene executed with graphic treatment to...
Shooting on location in rural and remote areas including boats and trawlers at sea, Visual Obsession developed a four minute corporate video detailing the various corporate, management and training solutions IRES Corporate Services provide to their clients who operate businesses and services in rural, remote and off shore Australian locations. The video was shot using a broadcast widescreen digital DVCPRO50 camera...
Visual Obsession developed a 9 minute corporate / marketing DVD presented in both English and Chinese Mandarin to promote education and the benefits of studying in Cairns to the Chinese market. Visual Obsession also produced a website promoting Tropical Expertise for Australia and the International market. Advance Cairns is a not for profit organisation jointly funded by Cairns Regional Council and Ports North and...
A fast pace, clean and crisp looking visual package that outlines the company profile of the Ikin Group using images, voice-overs and text images. The images are relatively fast pace shots or film that accentuated the theme of the section that they’re utilised in. The text images are key words that don’t overpower the images, but support them.
Visual Obsession developed a print and 3D package aimed at marketing the sale of a five star unit at the Sea Temple Apartments complex in Palm Cove, Cairns. Visual Obsession captured stunning imagery of the complex using a professional Nikon DSLR, including indoors and outdoors shots. These high resolution images were placed in the brochure layout designed and printed by Visual Obsession, and were also used as...