Best Advertising Image / Photograph

Winner | Pacific Toyota | 2008
Finalist | LHL Group | 2007
Finalist | John Hyde Glass Logo | 2006

Make your business stand out with professional Photography from Visual Obsession. Our quality Cairns Photographers have experience in photography for special events, commercial & corporate photography, live performances & fashion/modelling shoots.

Visual Obsession can create a professional image for your business: including Staff Portraits or Office Showcases. Our portfolio also expands to include Aerial & Astro photography: including capturing images for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s emergency rescue program and streaming 2012’s total solar eclipse live via the internet for Panasonic.

Our photography has been used in corporate promotions, business profiles, magazine editorials and Federal & State Government programs. We use high quality equipment including the Nikon D800E with high quality Nikkor FX lenses.

Our photographers from the tropical city of Cairns, Australia (home to icons including the Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforest and world-famous photographer Peter Lik) have travelled the world, putting together a portfolio of Australian and International photos.

Owner of Visual Obsession: Kevin Austin has captured hundreds of thousands of images over his career. Please enjoy this selection of high-resolution Australian Digital photography: which also includes retro and historical archive photos from 35mm film.

Get some altitude with professional Australian aerial photography from our Cairns photographers. We shoot high-quality aerial photos, aerial imagery and aerial footage from light aircraft including helicopters and aeroplanes. Aerial photography is great for outback landscapes, cliffs and waterfalls, city plans, and action shots.
Papua New Guinea is a country in Oceania in the Pacific Ocean, and one of the most diverse on earth, with over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies. It has a rich cultural history dating back to almost 50,000 years ago, and is a prominent destination for international tourism in the oceanic region. Renowned as one of the worlds last frontiers, much of Papua New Guinea remains...
Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power Early October we drove up to Mt Carbine north west of Cairns to carry out some 3G network tests and document the rising sun. Why would we do that!? Panasonic Japan have contracted Empire Entertainment who in turn have contracted Visual Obsession to track film and stream (on the internet) the Total Eclipse of the Sun on the 14th of November 2012. This reconnaissance trip was to...
Experience the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional community lifestyle with quality indigenous photos from our award-winning north Queensland photographers. From the Australian outback to a coast dotted with islands, photography can portray traditional costume and dance; traditional food and methods of hunting, fishing and cooking; traditional medicine and health care; and communities with...
See photo examples of our cameramen and crew on location throughout North Queensland, Australia and International. We can facilitate the logistics of your on-location International video production including travel and transport, accommodation, visas and licences, organising equipment, sourcing talent and film crews.
Department of Communities contracted Visual Obsession to provide photography services on Thursday Island. Over five days Visual Obsession held daytime and night-time shoots involving over 40 local talent and various locations on Thursday Island and Goodes Island. The result of the project was a library of high-resolution stock photography for the Department of Communities to use in publications and electronic media...
Aitutaki, also traditionally known as Araura, Ararau and Utataki, is one of the Cook Islands, north of Rarotonga. It has a population of approximately 2,000. Aitutaki is the second most visited island of the Cook Islands.
Experience Australian wildlife photography and wild animal photos. With rainforest, outback and reef, our professional Cairns photographers are in the perfect tropical location to photograph endangered species in their natural habitat. Enjoy these animal pictures and images of nature.
Go on a voyage with quality photos and images of Australian ships, boats and ocean vessels. Australia is surrounded with ocean and sea, so the Queensland coast is full of trading ports, docks and shipyards. View quality pictures and photos of sailing boats and trawlers in marinas, moored to wharves, piers and jetties. Find historical industry photography of harbour slipways with labourers blasting decks and hulls of...
Discover quality city images and architectural photography from bustling international cities. Our professional photographers from the tropical city of Cairns have a large collection of residential and architectural photos, from pictures of primitive huts and rural shacks in remote villages, to images of towering skylines and urban concrete jungles.
Experience the colourful excitement of Cairns nightlife with high-quality photos of the entertainment industry from our professional Cairns photographers. From clubbing at raves with fire twirling, dance music and strobe lights; to parties, gigs and concerts at live music venues and nightclubs; the city of Cairns has a thriving Australian youth entertainment scene.
Our photographer takes us on a unique journey to Western Australia and Malaya to discover Beche De Mer fishing. The high quality professional images illustrate free diving which is one fishing method used. The images also show the labour intensive process involved in Beche De Mer which includes gutting, grading, cleaning and packing. The photographer visits Kimberly Beach and King George and enables us to become...
Watch the Lobster and Crayfish Pots being pulled from the cold rugged Ocean off Southern Australia. Our high quality photographs allow you to experience the rough ocean as the waves hit against the rocks. Our professional photographer uses the jagged rocks at sea as a wonderful backdrop to capture the fishing vessels, the activities out on deck and the Rock Lobster itself.
Jump on board and join the Prawn Trawling Fleet as they set to work. Our professional photographers have recorded the activities on deck including unloading, packing and sorting the prawns and shrimp. Also, witness the beauty of the Trawling fleet under the sunset and docked at the wharf with our high quality images.
Globally, shark fishing does not have a good reputation in many circles due to bad publicity. The reality is that roughly 90% of shark fin is attained as a by-product of the shark meat industry. Shark, in most cases is the most utilised fish in the ocean. The shark is targeted for its meat, known as 'flake', with the fins used as a delicacy, and cartilage (skeleton) used in some medicinal suppliments and in some...
Our North Tropical Queensland Photographers have captured the activities on board Tuna fishing vessels across Australia. These high quality images provide a powerful insight into the fishing equipment, poling tuna, unloading tuna and tuna farms.
We have a wide range of Industrial images and Industrial photography from mining to construction. Our professional photographers from the city of Cairns have shot photos of equipment, machinery, scaffolding and labourers from international industries including mining, drilling, earthmoving, construction, farming, transportation and shipping.
Experience the world with world photos and International photography from our professional photographers. From China to New York, we have travelled the world photographing cultures and people in remote locations and tourist destinations. Explore quality Asia photos from Indonesia, shot for the Aceh and Nias Tsunami Commemoration.
Discover the natural beauty of Australian landscape photography and panoramic images from our professional Cairns photographers. View outdoor panoramic nature shots and pictures of fields and farms, outback and beach. These are our beautiful Australian landscapes.
Photography taken in New Zealand
Journey through the Australian outback with quality photos from our professional photographers. We have high-quality photography of outback landscapes and pictures of desert animals from remote locations through central Australia and the Northern Territory. Our photographers have 4WD adventures through red dirt and sand from rural bush farming and cattle stations in the scrub to locations further west like Ayers...
Hire our professional Cairns portrait photographers for your next performance or wedding. We have pictures of people from many different cultures and lifestyles. From natural portraits and head-shots of families, couples, babies and children to fashion and modelling glamour shoots.
Explore the Australian rainforest with nature photos of tropical trees, plants and flowers from our professional photographers from Tropical North Queensland. From jungle animals in their rainforest canopy habitat to dry forest and foliage, we have botany images and flora photography.
Rarotonga is the most populous island in a group of islands known as the Cook Islands. Rarotonga is also a very popular tourist destination with many resorts, hotels and motels. The chief town, Avarua, on the north coast, is also the capital of the Cook Islands.
View photos of tropical Australian sunsets and sunrises by our professional Australian photographers. From the play of light and shadows in the clouds of the early morning Australian sky, to bolts of lightning during thunder storms, Australian weather photography portrays the beauty of nature.
Source Australian photography of fresh and saltwater, from surf and waves at the sea side, to calm oceans with ripples on the beach, by our professional Australian photographers. View photos of flowing freshwater from Australian creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, dams, lagoons and swimming holes. View white water rafting over boulders, waterfalls, canyons, gorges and rapids.