Kevin Austin

Managing Director

Kevin Austin (DipMultimed, AdvDipBusMgt, AdvDipBusMktg) founded Visual Obsession in 1989, and his major focus remains ensuring that media production at every stage is effectively managed and that quality remains at the highest possible level. Kevin and his wife Jenny own and run two businesses: Visual Obsession and Harleys - The Educational Super Store.

Kevin remains vitally engaged with all areas of the business, including:

  • Social Media, Web Development & Online Marketing:
    Kevin works with social media online marketing and advertising to develop social media strategies with a risk-managed approach, social media statistics, tracking reports, assessments, review and monitoring. To further his professional development; Kevin attended the Social Media World Forum in Singapore, the Screen Futures Summit in Melbourne and the Amazon Web Services Cloud Tour in Melbourne.
  • Design:
    Kevin ensures that all designs produced are of a high standard, to ensure Visual Obsession’s professional reputation is maintained. He has an eye for detail and works closely with graphic designers, website designers and photo editors to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Video and Photography:
    Kevin has decades of experience directing and conducting video and photo shoots, including projects that involve tight timeframes, live streaming footage, talent management, and strict planning for shooting from helicopters, rescue planes, ships, etc. This includes projects for Tourism Australia, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Panasonic Japan, and National Geographic. Kevin is involved in the entire production process from planning to delivery, including broadcast video editing.