Bob Manning and his Unity Team scoop the leadership title

Congratulations Bob and the Unity Team, it's a pleasure working with you.

(The Visual Obsession Crew)

With a clear win for the mayoral position in Cairns, Mr Manning and six of his Unity team are set to join council ranks. Visual Obsession is proud to have assisted with this successful campaign by delivering their message throughout the campaign with the use of online and print media.The message of Bob Manning and his Unity Team was clear, and how to extend this to the community was the task set for Visual Obsession. By using progressive technology and accomplished staff, Visual Obsession produced a TV Ad, various print media and advertising, the Vote Unity Website and set-up the Social Media marketing.

The outcome of the election held by Cairns Regional Council was a victory and the final count revealed Mr Manning held 55 per cent of the mayoral vote which was 34 points clear of his closest rival, Ms Schier. This success demonstrates the community’s support of a back to basics spending. The Far North’s economy is struggling to recover from the global financial crisis and Bob Manning has vowed to restore confidence and opportunities, synonymous with the wave of success in the 80’s & 90’s.

It’s easy to talk about what’s wrong with the economy in Cairns but it’s going to take a huge effort to make it right.

- Bob Manning

Bob Manning and the Unity Team’s key objectives are:

Cairns Economic Revitalisation:

  • Tourism – restore Cairns as one of the top Australian destinations
  • Retention of ‘trading port’ status
  • Marine industries – ship repairs, white boats, grey boats, protection and preservation of strategic land holdings and port access corridors
  • HMAS Cairns – increased Naval

Economic Diversification:

  • Education – attracting international students to Cairns
  • Tropical expertise – develop potential/specialisation
  • JCU – on campus college / growth

Cairns Regional Council performance:

  • Continuous improvement in service
  • Capital expenditure – not to exceed Council’s forecast capacity

Aviation and Commercial Potential of Cairns International Airport