Documentaries - Film, HD, SD

Best Documentary

Winner | Lockhart River Bush Food | 2008
Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004
Finalist | Invaders - Feral Pig Plague | 2012
Finalist | Mulgrave Land Care | 2009
Finalist | Swarms - National Geographic and Pangolin Pictures New York | 2005
Finalist | IRES - Remote Corporate Services | 2005

Best Corporate Program in Film and Television

Winner | Welcome to My Country | 2004
Finalist | Welcome to My Country | 2004
Finalist | Tropical Medical Training | 2004
Finalist | South Burdekin Water Board | 2004

Best Multimedia DVD Presentation – Training and Educational

Winner | REEFVTS - Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Vessel Traffic Service | 2013
Winner | Condoman - 3D Animation | 2011
Winner | South Burdekin Water Board | 2006
Finalist | Department of Environment & Resource Management | 2012

Best International Media Advertisement

Winner | Aceh & Nias Tsunami Commemoration | 2006
Finalist | Australian Coffee Growers Association | 2004

Best Environmental Story

Winner | GhostNets Documentary | 2011
Finalist | South Burdekin Water Board | 2006

Best Editing and Production Technique – Film and Television

Finalist | Laura Legend and Lore | 2006

Best Feature in Film and Television

Finalist | Laura Legend and Lore | 2006

Best Media Coverage Relating to Tourism Issues

Finalist | Laura Legend and Lore | 2006

Use our professional Cairns cameramen, film crew and editors to produce your documentary or video production in High-Definition. Twenty years of experience and the diversity and quality of the work we do, makes Visual Obsession an asset to any documentary making and film production project. Our professional Cairns film crew love to get their hands dirty and will go wherever and do whatever it takes to get the best out of every shoot.

We can work independently or as part of a larger crew in Cairns, Australia or internationally. Our experience comes to the fore in extreme and remote shoot locations where filming can require a high level of physical stamina and patience. We can pull together a production team at short notice using our in-house resources, extensive networks and experienced film crew.

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International Productions

Our passion for film and production (and people and places) has taken us around the world. We have worked on a diverse and dynamic range of international productions for private companies, media outlets, NGOs and other agencies. Our broadcast camera operators and sound recordists also have worked on a variety of challenging productions in Indonesia, Aceh and Papua New Guinea associated with the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami and environmental issues. Use our experience and industry networks in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland to assist in the facilitation process so you can focus on the project at hand.

Indigenous Productions

We have travelled extensively throughout Far North Queensland and remote Australia documenting Indigenous cultural life, including the collection of bush food, hunting of turtle and dugong and recording the Traditional Knowledge of the Indigenous elders. By demonstrating appropriate cultural sensitivity,we have built relationships based on trust and understanding with Indigenous communities. It has been our privilege to gain access to corroborees and traditional ceremonies never before captured on camera.

Aerial Filming

Acquired aerial footage from Cairns to Torres Strait, filmed aerial to aerial sequences, aerial sequences of talent and wildlife in remote, outback settings; rescue operations and training drills; aerial footage of city scape, islands, Great Barrier Reef and rainforest; shot with High Definition cameras. Planning and co-ordination of shoots which have consisted of highly complicated, dramatic re-creations and stylised sequences. High Definition stock aerial stock footage is a luxury available to us as it can be used to compliment any production.

Sound Recording

Our professional Cairns sound recordists are experienced atcapturing clean, crisp audio using best-quality equipment. Our work includes state-of-the-art field audio and international recordings for National Geographic and a Singapore-based production company. Our professional expertise and equipment can be quickly adapted to almost any situation where audio is required; either to solid state recorder or straight-to-camera from several audio sources. For free MP3 recordings of various audio FX, visit The Recordist.

Broadcast Video

Broadcast video camera crew equipped with high definition cameras and professional sound recording gear such as Sound Devices 4:4:2, field mixer, Senhieser lapel and boom microphones can be used for your production. We can also facilitate all of your technical production requirements ahead of your arrival.

Post-Production and FX

Visual Obsession’s edit suite and multimedia facilities include: Broadcast Video editing suites, Aspect Ratio Convertors for 4:3-16:9 letterbox to widescreen conversions, audio visual gear.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) contracted Visual Obsession to script, (in collaboration with AMSA personnel) film and edit a video production overview of their vast Aids to Navigation (AtoN) network around Australia. Lighthouses, Buoys and DGPS stations are part of the AtoN network to assist ships make safe and efficient passage around Australia, minimizing the chance of a maritime accident and...
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority contracted Visual Obsession to film oil spill and rescue training exercises. Requirements included two broadcast production cameras (Sony digital widescreen high definition HDW 750P and a Panasonic digital widescreen DVC Pro50) and a digital still camera (Nikon D2X 12.5mp) to shoot from a helicopter with Tyler side mount, on the deck of the AMSA ship 'Pacific Responder' and...
Filming in Far North Queensland, the company that produced the Legacy of China Production has hired Visual Obsession on several occasions for location management, logistics, indigenous talent hire, aerial photography, community liaisons, purchasing film stock and many other logistical requirements associated with a International film shoot. Directed by Jonathan Finnegan, and Cinematography by Grant Douglas.
Visual Obsession was contracted by Pangolin Pictures to assist in producing and shooting segments for their new National Geographic series: Invaders. Visual Obsession cameraman Corey Austin travelled to Darwin in the Northern Territory to film an aerial pig cull from a chopper. He filmed experienced shooter Richard Baker from both inside and outside the helicopter as he shot large numbers of pigs on the land...
Queensland residents endured a night of terror as Cyclone Yasi struck in the early morning hours of Febuary 2nd 2011. The category 5 cyclone ravaged areas between Cairns and Townsville, delivering 290km/h winds and raging seas that smashed into coastal regions. Visual Obsession travelled to the heart of the worst hit areas, between Cardwell and Innisfail, to document the damage and devastation. Driving into Cardwell...
Not only will we organise your international shoot anywhere within Australia, we can come to you anywhere outside Australia. Visual Obsession Cameraman Corey Austin was contracted by Discovery Channel Asia and Bang Productions Singapore to film in Indonesia with well known Australian director, Christopher Zinn. This involved filming 12 stories within 14 days. Dodging military convoys, tense moments with Indonesian...
Visual Obsession produced a 5 minute segment for a documentary series to be aired on National Geographic New York. The shoot included two helicopters, one sixty foot fishing vessel and two seventeen foot tender vessels. The re enactment was filmed with two DVCPRO50 broadcast cameras located in the chopper and on the fishing vessel, one underwater camera and a lipstick camera on the winch of the Queensland Rescue...
Since 1966, South Burdekin Water Board has managed a Queensland groundwater area which is the largest replenished coastal aquifer in Australia. Visual Obsession produced a promotional DVD for South Burdekin Water Board demonstrating the recharging of the underground aquifer in the area adjoining and south of the Burdekin River and flood plains. This educational multimedia DVD presentation was developed with a mix of...
Organizing visas, filming permits, sound recorder, various production crew (in FNQ and NSW) and experienced indigenous performers was all part of the brief for this client. Having used us on other jobs it was straightforward, they simply sent us the brief and let us take care of all the preparation. Arriving late at night, everything was fully organised and production was well underway the next day. Many of the...
Visual Obsession developed a 15 minute video chronology of Laura’s aboriginal history and culture for not-for-profit community organisation, Quinkan Regional Cultural Centre. The video includes interviews with prominent Laura personalities and involved lengthy rounds of filming on sacred aboriginal land and rock art sites. Today Welcome to Country is played in the Quinkan Regional Cultural Centre on a Plasma screen...
The Burdekin Development Council tendered for a documentary on the Burdekin River and Dam, to be shown in the areas’ new Power Station Museum. Visual Obsession was awarded the contract. Visual Obsession filming crew travelled to the Burdekin to shoot the documentary footage, including some amazing lightning storms. After scripting and editing, the completed documentary was unveiled on Queensland Day where it can now...
Visual Obsession was contracted by the Royal Flying Doctors Service, Lockhart River Council and Hitnet to produce a series of documentary stories. The objective of this production is to promote physical activity and a healthy diet in the Lockhart River Community. The filming took place over a period of 12 months, to gather information about bush foods over the range of different seasons. Two distinct seasons were...
Visual Obsession followed extreme BMX and motocross athletes through Kuranda, Cairns and Townsville shooting documentary footage for FMX games. Shot in high def with a broadcast widescreen digital DVCPRO50 camera the documentary featured junior events and exclusive footage of international extreme motocross athletes including a one handed heart attack from Sean Richards.
Visual Obsession got up close to the dusty bucking bull action when the Ford Bundaberg Rum Bull Riding Championships came to Cazaly’s stadium in Cairns. Using broadcast widescreen digital DVCPRO50 camera we produced a full documentary of the Cairns events as well as a shortened promotional video for the bull ride organisers.
Outback by the sea is an entertaining one hour documentary detailing the lifestyle, culture, environment and wildlife of North Queensland’s Gulf Country scripted, filmed and edited by Visual Obsession. Over 1000 copies of Outback by the Sea have been sold with orders continuing to flow from tourism providers in the Gulf.
Visual Obsession shot an episode of Australian commercial television program Chilli Factor on behalf of Southern Cross 10. The episode explored the profile of downhill mountain bike riding in Far North Queensland and included interviews and footage of local extreme downhill mountain bike riders taking on bush trails between Cairns and Kuranda.
Visual Obsession travelled to Cape York to film Peter Beattie officially release the Queensland Government’s indigenous land agreement recognising the Eastern Kuku Yalanji People’s native title rights and interests to over 126,900 ha of land and waters in Far North Queensland. Our footage was used to complement government and Kuku Yalanji media releases and by national news media covering the event. Visual Obsession...