The Aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Queensland residents endured a night of terror as Cyclone Yasi struck in the early morning hours of Febuary 2nd 2011. The category 5 cyclone ravaged areas between Cairns and Townsville, delivering 290km/h winds and raging seas that smashed into coastal regions. Visual Obsession travelled to the heart of the worst hit areas, between Cardwell and Innisfail, to document the damage and devastation.

Driving into Cardwell, trees had been ripped up and stripped bare, sand from the beach covered the road, flood damaged houses had been torn apart and boats were smashed and thrown out of the water, on top of one another onto the harbour. The town was abuzz with Army and SES trucks, helicopters and volunteers helping residents clear the rubble from the roads and properties. Residents were dumbfounded, as they pick through what is left of their homes, vehicles, boats and possessions. Residents in the majorly affected areas (Tully, Cardwell and Mission Beach) are still in clean-up mode after severe Cyclone Yasi and the flooding hit.

To build the morale back into the communities that have been directly impacted the Tully Showgrounds held the “Cyclone Yasi Bounce Back Benefit Concert” on the 2nd of April with live musical entertainment, prizes and give-aways and children activities. The Concert had a massive line up of live entertainment such as: Casey Burns from Australian Idol, Brisbane’s Adam James and Band, along with local artists such as No Gravity (Innisfail) and Martha Dickman (Tully) and many more. The night was hosted by Former ABC Correspondent and 60 Minute Reporter Jeff McMullen.