Aids To Navigation Network - An Overview

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) contracted Visual Obsession to script, (in collaboration with AMSA personnel) film and edit a video production overview of their vast Aids to Navigation (AtoN) network around Australia. Lighthouses, Buoys and DGPS stations are part of the AtoN network to assist ships make safe and efficient passage around Australia, minimizing the chance of a maritime accident and marine pollution. AMSA's purpose for the video overview was to showcase the complexity and diversity of the AtoN network, highlighting specific examples of the systems structural and functional diversity. They also needed the video to provide examples of common maintenance tasks which are currently undertaken. AMSA aim to utilize the video as an informative tool during its AtoN maintenance tender process, in addition to limited site visits. It will also be used to represent AMSA's AtoN network and the maintenance function to other stakeholders.

AMSA required Visual Obsession to film in 3 different locations: The Torres Strait to film the AtoN in the area from a helicopter. The team hired a Tyler Mini-Gyro Stabilizer to attach the camera while filming from the chopper. The mini-gyro was used to minimize the vibrations from the helicopter and crosswinds, resulting in smoother shots. The helicopter was used to access some of the remote islands and rocky outcrops where lighthouses were situated. The team travelled to Byron Bay to capture the heritage aspects of the Cape Byron Lighthouse which is over 100 years old. Visual Obsession also filmed a buoy deployment exercise over 2 days in Cairns from AMSA’s current Emergency Towage Vessel: The Pacific Responder. The finished video was delivered to the client on USB and DVD with interactive menus featuring a captioned version the video.