2013 Annular Solar Eclipse

Those that were lucky enough to see the 2013 Annular Solar Eclipse from Cairns this morning, would have seen something a bit like this.

At 8:00 am this morning, the team set up the telescope and cameras to capture the Annular Solar Eclipse which was due around 8.45 am. Due to the rain and cloud we could only get a few glances from Cairns, Far North Queensland.

The best location was in Kowanyama or  Coen, Far North Queensland, We tested streaming earlier in March from Coen but unfortunately we were unable to travel up there this time.

We were lucky enough that Panasonic contracted Visual Obsession to capture excellent streaming footage of the Total Solar Eclipse 14th November 2012 last year from both Fitzroy Island and Port Douglas North Queensland. At this time we “Filmed the sun using the sun” with solar panels to power all of our equipment. We had over 800,000 people tune into our stream. Read more about it and watch the recorded stream here.

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