Raptis - Wild Caught Seafood

Visual Obsession was approached by Raptis to put together a production showcasing not only the wide range of wild caught seafood but the whole process from the sea to the plate. A Raptis & Sons owns and operates fishing fleets from Far Northern tropical waters to the freezing depths in the Great Australian Bight.

Kevin Austin caught a plane from Cairns, North Queensland, to Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria. He boarded a Raptis chartered helicopter in Normanton to film the Raptis prawn fleet in and around the port of Karumba and captured some aerial footage of sea trials and preparation for the opening of the Banana Prawn season

Kevin then spent two weeks filming on Prawn trawlers from north of Weipa down to the Mornington Island prawn grounds in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Visual Obsession captured footage of the Fish trawler unload in Darwin and provided a small Panasonic Lumix camera to the crew of a Raptis Fishing Vessel in Darwin. This gave them the opportunity to document working the decks and fishing methods of fish trawlers working in waters off the Northern Territory and Queensland coast  

Kevin then travelled to Adelaide and across to Ceduna in South Australia and filmed the fish unload at the Thevenard wharf. Then back up to the Raptis process factory in Brisbane to film the last step in the process before the seafood hits the shelves in Woolworths and other stores   around the country.

Documenting the crew working through rough weather conditions and many sleepless nights, the video aimed to capture the hard and rewarding work that the fisherman carry out to catch the best wild caught seafood product in Australia.