“The Best Jobs in The World”

Far out, what a week we’ve had. The highlight was definitely filming for Tourism Australia for the launch of their campaign "best jobs in the world''.

Tourism Australia has teamed up with industry and State and Territory tourism partners in a new $4million campaign targeting the international youth market – a segment which last year contributed a whopping $12 billion in tourism spending. The Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP  flew into Cairns to launch the campaign.

Remember Ben Southall? He was the winner of "The Best 'Job' In The World" He is the face of this Campaign.

For those who don’t know this is a global competition involving six “best jobs in the world” Patrol the beaches, meet the wildlife and dive the world’s biggest aquarium.

Perks include AU$100,000 and a free jar of Vegemite.

The six 'Best Jobs in the World'

  • Chief Funster (New South Wales)
  • Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory)
  • Park Ranger (Queensland)
  • Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)
  • Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne)
  • Taste Master (Western Australia)

This was such a fantastic and exciting project to be apart of, we had an absolute ball.

The competition has received over 75,000 entries so far. If you think this sounds like something you would like to do, or enter, read more here