GhostNets Australia have exploded onto the world stage!

Fresh from winning the 2012 CREATIVE ARTS CATEGORY in the World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour Awards in New South Wales, GhostNets Australia have continued to impress.

The GhostNets Australia documentary, "The Young Boy and the Ghost Net" (which was previously selected from numerous video submissions, as one of only nine international documentaries to be highlighted at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference (5IMDC) Movie Night in Hawaii March 2011) is now going into the Rochefort Film Festival in France and another at Saint-Tropez!

The film was also translated into French and shown at an exhibition in Paris last year. Magnifique!

Visual Obsession travelled to Moa island (which is one of the many islands that make up the Torres Strait) and shot the GhostNet shadow puppet play production "The Young Man and the Ghost Net".

The successful outcome for this documentary was to gather momentum not only to educate the children of the Torres Strait, but the entire community, about the destructive nature of drifting GhostNets and how to deal with this problem in their coastal region.

Visual Obsession have worked alongside GhostNets Australia over the years, including filming, editing, project management and graphic design. At the 2011 Queensland Multi Media Awards, Visual Obsession and GhostNets Australia won Best Logo Design (Not For Profit) and Best Environmental Story for the “The Young Man and the Ghost Net” documentary.