Why Not tours

Why Not Tours is a recently established online travel planner. Their aim is to simplify the organisation of group travel, utilizing an innovative system which allows customers to plan, manage and pay for all types of social group travel within Australia. Visual Obsession, as a Cairns website developer and social media agency, was contracted by Why Not Tours to develop a fully integrated website including the ability to book and organize tours online. Using the Why Not Tours website, customers are able to enquire about a booking, have the ability to add members to their tour and can also purchase customized merchandise packs to include on their trip.

In addition to this functionality, Social Media is set to play a major role in the website features. Tour bookings are made social by including the ability to invite friends to join them on their tour: via Facebook, SMS or email and includes group chat functionality. The website also interacts with a mobile phone online communication application which Visual Obsession has developed for both iPhone and Android platforms.