Paid Advertising

Visual Obsession have run many successful online advertising campaigns on Facebook and other social media. We can even create rich media ads with images, video and more.

Why have traditional advertising methods (Yellow Pages, Billboards, etc.) taken a nosedive, while online advertising is increasing exponentially? There are four main areas where online advertising shines.

1) Targeting: If you are advertising on sites like Google, you can target your ads by the words that people are searching for. Keyword-targeting makes your ads become incredibly relevant, as you are targeting people not just by what they’re interested in, but when they’re interested in it. When you are advertising on social sites such as Facebook, you can target by demographic and interests for incredibly efficient campaigns. Why spend money advertising to people that don't match your audience profile?

2) Measurement: Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that an advertising campaign was successful, online advertising gives you detailed real-time statistics about click-through rate, conversions, purchases, and even precise ROI figures for online shops, etc. By changing your ads in real-time and watching the corresponding change in results, you can optimise your campaign's performance.

3) Referrals: Advertising on Social Media sites like Facebook has one huge advantage. When viewing your ad, a Facebook user sees a list of all their friends who already "Like" that page. This is effectively a social recommendations system. Statistics show a 68% lift in engagement with ads that have social recommendations. By reaching out to friends-of-friends your campaign can take on a life of its own.

4) Value: Most online advertising works on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method. That means, if nobody clicks your ad, you don’t pay a cent. You only pay for potential leads you get. This is far more efficient than traditional advertising methods that require a monthly or yearly fee regardless of your ROI.

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