Mobile Web

In 2015, there are over 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, with around 80% of Australian adults owning an internet connected Smartphone. This makes it the most ubiquitous electronic device in the world. With the increasing trend of smartphones, people are rapidly coming to expect to be able to do everything they need to do while on the move. It is critical to ensure your website can be viewed well on a mobile phone, but beyond that, more people are starting to see the value in creating a customised application.

An application designed for a smartphone can increase your reach and loyalty. Depending on your services and goals, it might be worthwhile building a mobile-based game. Or perhaps an app that allows browsing of your online store with ease. Whatever it is, decide which platforms you need to target, and work this in with the rest of your marketing strategy. Visual Obsession can build apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Contact us for a free quote.