Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)

The Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreement (TUMRA) is a product offered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) which empowers Traditional Owners to manage their own land and sea country. GBRMPA contracted Visual Obsession to help them re-brand and become more effective in communicating the program benefits to Traditional Owners & Government. Two Visual Obsession staff presented at a workshop with the GBRMPA team on Magnetic Island.

The next step was to develop a marketing strategy for the project, collaborating with GBRMPA using Google Docs and Skype. Visual Obsession implemented the marketing strategy, designing a logo, key informational graphics, corporate branding, presentation, video production, photos and online newsletter. Three of the Visual Obsession team traveled to Port Stewart in Cape York, camping at the Lama Lama Ranger Base for a week.

They took photos and video footage of the Lama Lama people and the rangers during the Lama Lama Cultural Heritage Week. The video footage was edited for presentation in Canberra. The filming was carried out on land and sea featuring Junior Rangers and activities as well as TUMRA meetings carried out on board a charter vessel during travel time. Capturing and tagging turtles and exploration of seagrass beds were also carried out with the inclusion of James Cook University representatives.