Amazon Cloud Tour

Chris and Kevin attended Navigate the cloud with Amazon Web Services in Melbourne. Visual Obsession have been storing data on Amazon cloud over the past four years and we needed to better understand how to leverage the cloud to drive business growth and higher efficiency at a lower cost.

The potential for all businesses, large and small, to lift efficiency with the use of sophisticated and scalable applications on the cloud platform is huge. "As companies begin to understand the benefits that cloud computing brings, they look for hybrid solutions that allow them to use their existing resources for routing work while pushing extra work to the cloud. It's like bringing in temporary workers to handle the holiday rush" (Amazon).

Uploaded files of all types such as music, still images, and videos undergo a number of processing steps such as scanning for viruses and other forms of malware. They can be transcoded, watermarked, checked for duplication and scaled. Once this process is finalised the finished files are stored and made available for online viewing. An on demand basis means you only pay for actual usage with all things taken into consideration, such as bandwidth, CPU Power, and timeframe.

Companies with mission critical dependence on information technology resources need to have a plan in place to deal with cyclones, floods, earthquakes etc. The cloud offers continuity without wasting capital on hardware, that will never be put to use under normal circumstances, and stands ready to be active at a moments notice.