Social Media

Social Media has some incredible benefits over a standard website. A website is a monologue; social media is a dialogue. Users look at your website; users connect with social media. You can target ads for your website by keywords; but ads for social media by user's interests. It is hard to gain word-of-mouth referrals to your website; but every connection on social media acts as a referral to their entire network. Rather than views or hits, Social Media is measured by engagement. Every connection made with your profile is a potential customer that you have a permanent line of communication with. Every comment on your wall is a chance to give a public display of professionalism and good service. By continually uploading items of interest, photos, videos, etc. as well as making small-chat with your fans, your organisation stays in-sight and in-mind. So what should you use? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube? Flickr? Wordpress? Instagram? It all depends on your goals, and your audience. As a Cairns Social Media agency, Visual Obsession offer training workshops and can help you develop a strategy of which services to use, and how to go about it. Contact us for a free quote, this is an expression of interest for Visual Obsession to plan an event in Townsville or Cairns depending on the numbers.