GhostNets Australia Logo

Best Logo Design - Not For Profit

Winner | GhostNets Australia Logo | 2011

GhostNets Australia is an alliance of 22 indigenous communities and Indigenous Rangers from coastal northern Australia, from the Kimberly region to the Torres Strait, who work together in the removal and recycling of discarded fishing nets and marine debris that litter our coastlines. The aim for this logo design was to provide GhostNets Australia with a clean new logo that effectively illustrates the harm GhostNets have on marine life (without being too graphic or depressing) including turtles, dugongs, shark, fish and other marine life.

We utilised traditional Torres Strait colours, such as greens and blues, and designed a turtle swimming upwards and away from a GhostNet to symbolise the drive to be free of GhostNets in our coastal seas and oceans. The final GhostNets Australia logo was awarded "Best Logo Design" at the Annual 2011 Queensland Multimedia Awards.