Our Back Yard

This is a montage of broadcast quality video filmed in the City of Cairns and Far North Queensland region. Including footage of significant places, aboriginals exploring and following in the footsteps of their ancestors, crocodiles in their native habitats, native bush foods, honey bees, wild horses galloping through bushland, Jabiru and brolgas, geese, scarlet sunsets, Barramundi fishing, the gorgeous Ellis and Cowley beaches, the Cairns Lagoon by the Pier Marketplace, lavish ocean liners, sugarcane harvesting and the 1000 feet high Wallaman Falls (the largest single drop waterfall in Australia).

Attractions in and around Cairns such as the annualĀ Festival Cairns parade and carnivale, bungee jumping and nightclubs are extremely popular with tourists. This is a true appreciation of the environment and the place we call home.