Condoman - 3D Animation

Best Multimedia DVD Presentation – Training and Educational

Winner | Condoman - 3D Animation | 2011

Visual Obsession was contracted by HITnet to create an animated version of the Condoman comic, an interactive Condoman HITnet module, an Interactive Condoman DVD, and a 12 week social media campaign. All of these elements were part of a greater campaign with the goal of spreading the message of safe sex to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Visual Obsession developed animation based on the brand new Condoman comic. The visuals were underscored by dynamic music composed by Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studios. The vocals for all of the characters were provided by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including Aaron Fa'aoso. The animation was distributed nationwide across the HITnet touchscreen kiosk network in a HITnet module designed and developed by Visual Obsession.

The twelve-week social media campaign incorporated Facebook and YouTube. The animation was unveiled over several weeks as a series of YouTube episodes through a Facebook page. Another feature of this campaign was a competition where people could upload a photo of their face onto a picture of a Condoman suit. Whoever got the most “likes” would win an iPod touch with runner-up prize of some iTunes credit vouchers.

The campaign was an overwhelming success, amassing over 6,000 fans and over 31,000 pageviews, gaining massive exposure for the health campaign’s message. The target demographic statistics were also highly successful with 81.40% of the Condoman Facebook fans being 13-24 years old.