Moments of Madness by Merri joy

Moments of Madness: silly words for your amusement. Merri Joy’s third book, this time a poetic theme. After having all previous illustration work done by her American Publishers, author and song-writer Merri Joy approached Visual Obsession to illustrate and bring to life her third book, "Moments of Madness". A quirky read, the book reflects some of Merri's innermost thoughts and ponderings... which were extremely fun and challenging to illustrate!

Working closely with Merri, Visual Obsession hand-sketched all illustrations, traced over them with a digital Inkling pen (a designer's tool that converts pen strokes to digital vector lines) and then digitally coloured and shaded the drawings using the program Adobe Illustrator, resulting in an arty/scrapbook looking collection of fun imagery and doodles.