Travel Experience

Travel Experience is a locally owned travel agent, based in Mareeba and Atherton, specialising in group tours and holiday packages all over the world. Travel is their passion, and they are keen to share their experiences with you to help you find your way around the world. Travel Experience required a new user-friendly website that would be eye-catching, inspire a feeling of trust and enable users to view the many unique and exciting holidays that the the team have on offer. Initially most people only want to see what you have on offer that is going to meet their needs. If the product interests them, then they will look at your branding, logo and who you are. With this in mind, we designed the the Home page, or “shop front”, with a clean and un-cluttered look and feel, easy navigation, a great hero-shot and a good clear message. This creates a positive emotion and connection, which is essential for successful business today. We also designed and developed an online banner advertising campaign for analytics. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn - Visual Obsession integrated social media with the website to further engage the community and drive traffic to it. Travel Experience is all about great customer service, so good two-way communications using Social Media, which is measurable, is a fantastic way to build confidence and trust in potential clients .