Townsville Port Authority Website

Best Website: Medium

Winner | Townsville Port Authority Website | 2006

Port of Townsville provides all of North Queensland with a world-class gateway for commerce and trade. It continues to be one of the state's fastest growing ports. In the year 2004/2005 almost ten million tonnes of cargo passed over their wharves. Visual Obsession developed the Port of Townsville website - a content management system using Mambo OS, and incorporating unique features such as a Shipping Schedule and Statistics, as well as a photo gallery, dynamic site map, and events calendar.

The themes are colour coded depending on the information and category. Visual Obsession developed an interactive CD and DVD-ROM to provide information to public and industry. Both the CD and DVD-ROM were highly graphical and featured animated menus, music, sound FX and an introduction including a slide show of images and 3D animation of a ship.