Ingan Tours

Best Website: Medium

Finalist | Ingan Tours | 2012

Ingan Tours is an Australian company that is 100% Aboriginal owned by the Grant family in Tully, North Queensland. As Janbanbarra Jirrbal Rainforest people, Ingan have a deep relationship with the land. Ingan contacted Visual Obsession to create the new Ingan branding, vehicle signage and a website that invited domestic and international visitors to experience and immerse themselves in the Janbanbarra Jirrbal beliefs, culture, language and traditional lands by booking one of the authentic tours or cultural activities.

The Ingan branding was designed to carry the strong indigenous look and feel of the business and the tours. Textured sand, rounded stones, cool clean water ~ earthy elements were used to represent the taste of indigenous culture that Ingan offers, and the spiritual connection they have with their land, creeks and rain forests. The vibrant imagery and photographs featured throughout the branding captures the heart and spirit of the authentic tours and cultural activities. Ingan is about adventure, hiking and trekking!

Footprints in the design depict Ingan’s core message, “Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors...”.