YouTube's Design Overhaul

On Thursday YouTube released the biggest design overhaul in its entire 6 year history, in a bid to change the whole way in which people interact and use the website.

Google’s vision for YouTube is that it’ll become a complete media destination, one which will rival Cable Television. The newly designed homepage has become a hub for the viewer's content, with a feed running down the centre of the page featuring channels and videos based on site viewing trends and even what their friends on Facebook and Google+ are watching.This comes after YouTube has announced various changes to the site including a new Analytics system, and announcing that it will be bringing 100 new channels of original premium content to its site. And with its recent announcement of Disney coming on board with putting original content on the site, YouTube is looking to become an ideal spot for advertisers.

With YouTube’s emphasis on promoting itself as an Online Television Platform, this could potentially change how we currently do online video marketing, changing the way we think about promoting content and businesses on YouTube.

In the meantime, we’ve updated our YouTube page to the new design and we’re excited to see what new strategies we can form to take advantage of this new design. Check out our new channel here:

Visual Obsession YouTube Page