The Mobile Revolution

The use of the mobile web has exploded over the last couple of years, with 2011 being the first year that Smartphones have outsold PC’s and Smart phone Internet use tipped to surpass that of PC’s in the immediate future. With the iPhone being the dominant Smart phone platform since its release in 2007: the release of platforms such as Google’s Android has launched the mobile web into unprecedented levels of use.Australia has the highest use of Smart phones per capita, with 40% (and rising rapidly) of the population connected to the Internet via their mobile phone.The use of mobile Internet services has also been accelerated by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. For example: Facebook has around 800 Million monthly active users and about 350 Million of those are accessing the site through their Smart phones.

In today's market: mobile is no longer something that could be incorporated into your Online Marketing Strategy it is something that must be included. Mobile applications are no longer something that the only monolith corporations utilise: Tools and documentation are available that allows the average web developer to make Mobile optimised websites and Mobile phone Apps.

With a majority of phones supporting modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript: it is becoming easier to develop well designed, sophisticated and modern websites and applications for mobile phones.

If your website is not optimised for mobiles, you may be losing business as more and more people search for products and services on the go. Google Searches on mobile are predicted to outweigh searches on PC’s within 18 months as mobile searches move towards products and services rather than things such as celebrities or events, which is perfect for most businesses. For example: in Australia there are more google searches for “Barbeques” than “Lady Gaga” on mobile devices.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your business ready for the mobile revolution please feel free to contact me.