GhostsNets Erub Island

Visual Obsession & GhostNets Australia travelled north of Cape York to Erub island, which is one of the many islands in the Torres Strait, to film GhostNet art workshops.

Fibre artists Nalda Searles, Sue Ryan and Gina Allain conducted the highly successful weaving workshops, aimed at showing the local community how to turn discarded marine netting known as "Ghost nets", into artworks and hand made re-sellable products such as bags, hats and jewellery.

This documentary titled "Erub Island GhostNet Art Workshop 2010" scored very well by the judging panel for the 5th International Marine Debris Conference (5IMDC) in Hawaii, and was shown in the 5IMDC Video Highlights Reel that played in the Exhibit Hall during the conference.

Read more about this workshop on the Ghostnets Website.