Case Study: The Imperfect Mum

Kristy Vallely's blog The Imperfect Mum is about a mother of three sharing her personal experiences: the good and the bad. Kristy, the daughter of Kevin Austin (Director of Visual Obsession) wanted to start a Facebook page and Blog, but had no idea where to start... So she went to her dad with the Imperfect Mum plan. Kevin deployed the Visual Obsession team to design an Online Marketing and Social Media strategy to help get her story out to other mothers. This included utilising a Facebook Page with a custom landing page, designing and optimising her presence on Twitter and designing and developing a versatile blog.

The campaign was an instant success, with the blog attracting over 5,244 page views and the website receiving 2610+ visits in the first 15 days.

The challenge was set: Visual Obsession had to develop an easy to operate blog that was visually engaging, appealing to its target audience and easily accessible using social media to spread her message.

In addition to her blog's success, The Imperfect Mum's Facebook page has attracted 3,168 fans and counting, her twitter has over 400 followers and her first 4 blog posts have over 232 comments.

In addition to designing and developing all platforms for Kristy's online presence, Visual Obsession has provided assistance through their customised visitor data reporting suite. Visitor statistics are gathered in realtime, so Kristy can see exactly when and where visitors are clicking from to get through to her Blog, Facebook page or Twitter stream. This has been instrumental in helping Kristy know exactly when and where to post her updates to most suit her audience.

Developing an online social media presence is just one facet of Visual Obsession's overall online marketing package. We can design and develop an identity of any size, personal or corporate. If you think we can help you out, just head over to our contact page and drop us an email.