Enquire NowWe create stylised interactive CD and DVD-ROMs from educational campaigns to digital reporting.

Interactive multimedia is a great way to engage your audience as they learn. From educational campaigns with virtual games and animated characters to in-depth reports, analysis and information, an interactive DVD or CD-ROM is a sound investment and can be adapted to suit your target market and promotional or e-learning needs.

Queensland Transport - Ready for the Road

Visual Obsession adapted Queensland Transport’s Your Keys to Driving in Queensland into an interactive software program and complimentary printed resource booklet for indigenous audiences called Ready for the Road. The software program features animated indigenous cartoon characters with common indigenous language voice overs to deliver key messages complimented by animated interactive driving scenario demonstrations and road rule quizzes to give users instant feedback about their level of understanding. The printed booklet features characters from the software program with written versions of the interactive tests and real photos of driving situations taken in regional communities. Ready for the Road is being rolled out across Queensland Transport centres in Cairns, Cape York and Far North Queensland.

Money Business for Boards

This interactive software program was designed and developed to educate indigenous business people about business budget planning. The software program featured custom designed indigenous characters with common indigenous language voice overs, interactive quizzes, activities and written information. The program is used by the Windara Community Health service.

Money Business for Boards, developed by The Learning Workshop Pty Ltd (www.thelearningworkshop.com.au) was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) under the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program. © Commonwealth of Australia 2008

Granny why don't you smoke?

Visual Obsession adapted a tobacco education and health awareness booklet targeting indigenous youth audiences into an interesting educational video on behalf of the Queensland Government. The animated video features the book’s main character, ‘Granny’, an aboriginal elder talking to children about the history of Tobacco and why she chooses not to use it. Granny Why Don’t You Smoke incorporates statistics about Aboriginal tobacco related mortality and backgrounds, scenes and language relevant to the indigenous target audience. Granny Why Don't You Smoke is distributed nationally via the Australian Government HitNET kiosk network.

Risky Business

Risky Business is a series of eight animated, interactive video based stories promoting STD, HIV/AIDS and sexual health awareness among indigenous adolescents and young adults. The series features indigenous characters that were designed by Visual Obsession and models real life situations to illustrate the consequences of un-safe sex and how easily and quickly STD’s and HIV/AIDS can spread – even between friends. Commissioned by Queensland Health, Risky Business will be distributed nationally via the Australian Government’s HITnet kiosk network.

HitNet - Carers Queensland

Carers provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, or who are frail. In conjunction with HITnet, Carers approached Visual Obsession to develop an interactive module for deployment across the HITnet interactive kiosk network. Visual Obsession implemented 3D models to give the characters a realistic appearance instead of an illustrated one. The Carers module is currently being deployed across the network.

Queensland Health - Stroke Resource Kit

Queensland Health provides a range of integrated health services caring for people with respect and integrity and creates educational collateral to promote the health of Australian people. Visual Obsession designed a graphics package for a Stroke Resource Kit to reflect Queensland Health’s requirement to appeal to a primarily indigenous client base.

Cairns and Region Convention Bureau (Australian Tourist Publications)

Australian Tourist Publications needed a CD-Rom developed to encompass the far northern region and entice potential business people to hold conferences here in Cairns and the far-north. The Interactive CD-Rom needed to incorporate a range of features, including PDF accessibility, video capability, image galleries and the ability to showcase as a presentation, much like a powerpoint file. This was achieved using Flash Actionscript 2.0 and menubox, a program designed for the running of executable files from within a flash projector file. This enhances the PDF functionality in the CD-Rom, detecting if the user has Adobe Acrobat installed and if not will run an installer on the CD-Rom.

Townsville Port Authority

Port of Townsville provides all of North Queensland with a world-class gateway for commerce and trade. It continues to be one of the state's fastest growing ports. In the year 2004/2005 almost ten million tonnes of cargo passed over their wharves. Visual Obsession developed the Port of Townsville website - a content management system using Mambo OS, and incorporating unique features such as a Shipping Schedule and Statistics, as well as a photo gallery, dynamic site map, and events calendar. The themes are colour coded depending on the information and category. Visual Obsession developed an interactive CD and DVD-ROM to provide information to public and industry. Both the CD and DVD-ROM were highly graphical and featured animated menus, music, sound FX and an introduction including a slide show of images and 3D animation of a ship.

Nurse Training Resource

Queensland Health contracted Visual Obsession to create an interactive, multimedia education and training program for nurses practicing in remote Cape York and Torres Strait communities. The interesting and engaging program, delivered via CD-ROM incorporates government legislation information, clinical fact sheets and interactive knowledge tests and focuses on the most common issues remote indigenous nurses deal with such as chronic disease, drug administration, immunisation, sexual and reproductive health.